Indiegogo Campaign Launched

01 Apr 2016 Comments #indiegogo

We have launched our campaign to fund our open source research and development!


We are a group of artists, engineers, and activists based in Oakland, CA.


We are building machines that pull water vapor from the air, and releasing our designs, software, and data online for free. You can download the design and lab reports for our BlueIce prototype here and here. Our campaign is to fund our next prototype, openAWG v0, which we will take to the Black Rock Desert for testing, and gather data that will inform our engineering decisions as we scale to a target capacity of 1000L per day in low humidity environments (< 30% relative humidity). This larger machine, openAWG v1, will be the centerpiece for “The Church of Water”, a water-conscious art installation addressing the global water crisis for Burning Man 2016.


We need to reach our fundraising goal by April 25, 2016


We are a part of NIMBY, a DIY makerspace in Oakland, CA.


We are making our civilization-in-a-box technology accessible for humanity, starting with atmospheric water generation. Next up is water reclamation from urine and industrial gas generation, (liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon) as these modules are similar in function due to their heat pumping requirements. They consume a significant amount of power, but we are designing our systems to use carbon-negative power generation, which sequesters carbon from the atmosphere in the form of biochar.